Recent Recoveries
Below is a list of recent settlements Seamus Boyle has recovered for his clients. Because of confidentiality agreements, not all recoveries are mentioned.

  • $950,000 settlement against OB-GYN for negligent laparoscopic removal of ovarian neoplasm, resulting in recurrence of otherwise curable malignancy.
  • $835,000 pretrial settlement for wrongful death of a nurses’s assistant in tractor trailer collision.
  • $634,000 verdict. Legal malpractice claim arising from personal injuries suffered in a fall.
  • $600,000 verdict. Medical malpractice for scarring suffered as a result of IV extravasation of caustic medication.
  • $450,00 gross verdict. Legal malpractice claim arising from personal injuries suffered by passenger during flight.
  • $300,000 auto/pedestrian collision. Bilateral knee fractures.
  • $250,000 burn injuries suffered in a steam room.
  • $200,000 premises liability – lack of hand rail, leg fracture.
  • $195,000 auto/bicyclist collision – fractured leg.
  • $175,000 medical malpractice settlement, lack of informed consent, hysterectomy.
  • $150,000 medical malpractice – labor and delivery. Recovery from obstetrician for loss of fetus.
  • $125,000 settlement during trial of dental malpractice claim arising from unnecessary extraction.

Published Cases

  • The work of a trial lawyer does not end with the jury’s verdict. Adverse rulings from trial courts sometimes require an appeal. When court rulings are published, they make new law. Seamus Boyle has successfully represented his clients in the following published cases:
  • Draper v. Jasionowski, 372 N.J. Super. 368, 858 A.2d 1141 (App. Div. 2004). Reversed trial court summary judgment. Successfully argued that an adult child can recover damages for birth injuries from physician who did not offer mother a caesarean section.
  • Fowler v. Crystal Motors, Inc., 340 N.J. Super. 33, 773 A.2d 730 (App. Div. 2001). Reversed trial court Summary Judgment. Successfully argued that verbal threshold Type 4 injury (fracture) does not require and Oswin v. Shaw showing substantial impact.
  • Breitenbach v. Motor Club of America Ins. Co. 295 N.J. Super. 328, 685 A. 2d 36 (App. Div. 1996). Reversed trial court Summary Judgment. Successfully argued that actual prejudice to underinsured motorist carrier was not shown when carrier never responded to Longworth letter.
  • Osborne v. O’Reilly, 267 N.J. Super 329, 631 A.2d 577 (Law Div. 1993). Successful application for prejudgment interest on underlying claim in legal malpractice action arising out of dismissal of personal injury suit.
  • DiNicola v. Watchung Furntiure’s Country Manor, 232 N.J. Super. 69, 556 A.2d 367 (App. Div. 1989). Overturned trial court award of treble damages. Successfully argued the Consumer Fraud Act did not apply to this contract for the sale of furniture.


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